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Mediterranean flavours Oтель Villa Venecia, Бенидорме

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Villa Venecia Boutique - Бенидорме -

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Mediterranean flavours

Enjoy the culinary art during your stay

Oferta válida entre 20/01/2019 y el 30/09/2020
OT:60 € налоги включены
Mediterranean flavours Отель Villa Venecia Boutique Бенидорме

The most selective tasted will be fascinated with our gastronomic experience.
Having dinner in our gourmet restaurant Llum del Mar you'll be delighted with the special menus we have prepared.
If you book 2 nights or more you can improve your stay with our Gourmet Experience for only € 60 room / night more.
What will you enjoy?
- 1 dinner with our special Mediterranean menu Flavours with a bottle of our selection of local wines.
- 1 dinner with our 5 Senses menu also with a bottle of our selection of local wines.
- And for bookings of 3 nights or more ... We have a very special menu, called Gourmet menu, which is also accompanied by a bottle of our selection of local wines.

3 nights, 3 different menus with which you can enjoy and taste the best Mediterranean dishes.

Available for bookings of 2 nights or more in Half Board.

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